Canarias Live Sun Festival


tarjeta-contacto-webCanarias Live Sun Festival, is a canarian company wich was founded in 2007 by a group of businessmen of Tenerife, with the aim of ensuring that our island will become a global benchmark in terms of musical concerts, art class and entertainment in general.

To do this, we carried out an intensive work what has given an important boost to our activity, while generating a magnificent promotion of our tourist destination.

The intention of our company is not only to produce one great show. We want to make a regular number of concerts each year, as this is the only way to achieve, among others, the objectives we seek: Dynamism, Tourism and complementation of the offer of Leisure-products

We do not want that our project has an expiration date. Thatfor, we asking for the cooperation of all sectors involved in our tourism industry: Hoteliers, Restaurants, Shops, Builders, Employers of Leisure, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, etc., And of course, the indispensable support of the different town halls, government,...

If we reach this, our project CANARIAS LIVE SUN FESTIVAL convertes Tenerife and the Canaries, into one of the most privileged areas of the world, talking about leisure activities and great shows. And this offer, combined with our magnificent hotel network and spectacular nature and climate, we do have a unique and incomparable tourism product. This is without doubt one of the best ways to fight our competition, and therefore, to secure the future of our economic engine.


Canarias Live Sun Festival.