Canarias Live Sun Festival

Tiësto in concert

“Heineken Sun Festival Canarias”presents the best DJ in the world the 6th of august in Golf Costa Adeje

For the first time in the Canary Islands and only a few days after Canarias Live Sun Festival surprised us with an exclusive concert of Michael Bolton and Kenny G, they present the concert of DJ Tiësto, the Dj who win most Awards in this genre of music and who has been considered in 2011the best DJ in the world.  

Tiësto Canarias Live Sun Festival keeps on with their intention to present international events and on this way they complement the tourist and cultural offer of the Canary Islands. Now they present on Saturday 6th of August within the "Sun Festival Heineken Canarias" Dj Tiësto who is considered the best specialist and who has sold more albums in the history of this type of music.

Thus, the production company also offers events made for the younger tourists, who especially in summer time apply for such events.

Jordi Esplugas "it’s the first time we propose this kind of shows on our campus of Golf Costa Adeje, where all the guests will proove the difference of dancing on asphalt or - as in this case, on natural grass in a wonderful surrounding" he keeps on explaining "This is another example of our commitment. We declared that with the participation of all sectors we can do great events wich have never been done before in the Canaries. The sector asks for products made for young people, and we bring the best DJ in the world. You just have to have a look at the curriculum of the artist and the busy schedule on his homepage to realize his fame. "

Gaspare Bertolucci, artistic director of "Sun Festival Heineken Canarias" explains that they spent many months negotiating with the artist to choose a date as indicated in a hectic schedule. He sais "now the youngest tourism, as well as the residents can enjoy this summer their holiday in an international hotel, with delicious beaches and gorgeous weather and also a nightlife show of the highest level "

The stage has been designed especially for this event and will have 150,000 watts of lights and 120,000 watts of sound, 250 m2 of scenery, 2500 m2 of Back Stage, 25 Trailer of technical and scenic material, 10 bars with a total length of bars of 95 m .

There will be working a total of 300 people in production and over 95% of the technical production and contract will be signed with local businesses. The safety staff will consist of more than 250 people.

Soon we will hold an official press conference where we will inform about the ticket sales, and all matters relating to the security of the festival, parking, transportation and so on. More information on

The “Heineken Sun Festival Canarias” has the main sponsorship of Heineken and Nestlé, as well as of the institutional Deputy Ministry of Culture, the Government of Canarias, Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and the town hall of Adeje.