Canarias Live Sun Festival

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart offered us a brilliant concert

Rod Stewart Rod Stewart's concert producer are very satisfied with the result achieved promotion, enhancement and satisfaction

The Producer of the Rod Stewart concert are extremely satisfied with the great show he offered us in Tenerife. The concert was longer than planned because of the present Rod Stewart made us, singing all his hits "Some Guys, Have you ever seen the rain, Maggie May, You are in my Heart, Have I Told You Lately, Tonight is the night, Downtown train or Do you think I'm sexy" infront of more than 15,000 spectators who sang with him all his songs. He offered a fantastic show, an elegant staging, excellent musicians like the pretty and prestigious violonist Anna Jacoby J, or the brilliant and also pretty saxophonist Katia Rieckermann. The exciting duo that starred David Palmer on drums and a guest percussionist also deserves our special mention. The visitors enjoyed the best of the whole concert, especially when Rod Stewart launched twenty-five soccer balls to the crowded field of Golf Costa Adeje in the delirium of the respectable. The grand finale came with the melody of his famous song "Sailing," sung with all the public to say good-bye to the Tenerife auditorium.


"Rod has given us a great concert that has left everyone very satisfied, but he also spent three days with his wife and son in Tenerife, where they have visited some parts of the island like the Loro Parque. Theyalso enjoyed the food of the area they were walking on the beach of Fañabe "said Jordi Esplugas, director of Canarias Live Sun Festival


The artist actually wanted to stay more time in Tenerife to relax and as members of the organization informed us, "when he left the island, he was very pleased with the treatment on the island and he even contemplated the possibility of extending his stay for a week, what finally couldn´t be realized due to some last minute issues to be resolved in England. "


Added to all what Tenerife and the Canaries already had before, the concert of this renowned artist on the 16th of May at the Golf Costa Adeje, is undoubtedly a unique promotion for this region. The producer of the concert, Canarias Live Sun Festival, explains that "this is perhaps the Pop Rock music concert that has had more coverage and therefore the most promotion and media coverage generated for our islands. This confirms that the Sun Festival Canarias project works and that the objectives of promotion, enhancement of the tourism industry and satisfaction, among others, are achieved. "


The event has been covered by prestigious national and international media, the news has been treated in the reports and Antena 3 Spanish TV nationally and in international and regional channels several times during the weekend of the concert.


"It is now time to promote this project that the tourism sector and the islands' society is asking for" Thats how Jordi Esplugas, one of the production managers respond, when he was asked whether they will continue to organize events of this level in Canaries. According to him,  these shows force the attraction of this sector and it will increase in an important way, then the satisfaction of tourists will be greater. Then he adds: "Today, sun and sand is completely insufficient and if we do not change the way we work, we will be in serious trouble in the future. We are holding in our hands the most envied industry's, don't let it loose! Lets start working to make Tenerife and the Canaries a power in the world of entertainment in general" he also says that "the thousands of people who enjoyed the show of Elton John and Rod Stewart will not forget those wonderful images for a long time, and they will discuss them with many of their relatives and friends, obtaining a promotion for our unbeatable tourist destination."


"Now we just need the public administrations, which are not helping enough, to decide themselfs to jump on the bandwagon and pull in the same direction so that this project is not only not stopped, but acquires all speed so that this project and other projects, will help us to get out of the crisis in the Canary Islands as soon as possible




Canarias Live Sun Festival, wants to convey its appreciation to every single person that helped to drive forward this event and share with them the general recognition that they can receive from businessmen, politicians and people from all areas, making it also extended to forces and state security, Red Cross, Volunteer Fireguard of Adeje, Civil Protection, the media and so on, who have provided an excellent service, very professional, ina few words, have been the instrument in achieving this success.


According to what the producer expose, we have to close this production and start thinking about the next, hoping to surprise everyone again with big names and great shows.